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Hey – Hi – Hello!

I have a shirt that says that and I just feel so amazingly cheery when I wear it. People see it a lot at vendor events because of that. It feels like the right tone for my first post...

I’m R’Chel. My husband and I run a small farm. Cats Paw Farm. I left a ridiculously well paying job in healthcare to come manage our little farm and go back to doing what I’m passionate about: helping people one on one with solutions to skin care, hair care, natural remedies and more.

I spent a lot of years letting corporations make money off my knowledge, and they still did it with ingredients and procedures I just couldn’t ethically continue to support. So here I am, in my little corner of the world, on my little farm, with about 45 years of knowledge and experience and a little store on the property that I share all of my products through.

Why this blog and why this blog now? It’s been my intention for years to blog about the farm, and products, and life. Our website has a built in blog and it’s very cumbersome. It became a chore I simply ignored instead of a creative outlet I was excited to share through. I have another WP blog (My Inky Paws) and love that the WP setup is really intuitive, so I spent this morning setting up this one then interfacing it back to the Cats Paw Farm online store. And so here I am.

I’ve never been one to keep a personal journal. The things I want to share shouldn’t be kept in a closed book anyhow. I already know my own thoughts and stories so to keep them in a book hasn’t ever really appealed to me. Plus, I learned a lot of things from grandparents that are still relevant, perhaps more so now even than they were when they were the only way to do things. Those are the things I want to share. Then there is the simple fact that I don’t get to spend much time with people in a social setting any longer. Extroverted introvert is a thing. I love being social. I just need to recharge when I am. The farm and my creations give me the perfect backdrop for the recharge. Big box social media is practically a necessity anymore, but it’s noisy there. This feels like sitting down one on one with a friend (whether I know you or not really isn’t the point) and just having a heart to heart or expressing my day. I already feel the difference in tone between what is posted there vs what is here in the blogscape.

I tend to free associate, and take side trips when I think, write, and especially when I chat. There’s not enough time on other social platforms for that. Everything needs to be concise and abridged. So I promise I’ll get back to the main topic of the post here, but I may take a few asides (they’ll be fun) while I’m getting there!

Our farm was established as a property that my husband and I could have our horses on. The horses are with 4-H kids now so that they can become their best equine selves, and I built a store in their pasture which is my primary retail outlet for all of the Cats Paw Farm products I create here. There are about 800 of them:

Mama/Baby care
Men’s Skincare
Lotion & Lip Balm
Bath Products
Plantcrafted Remedies
Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap in over 250 varieties
Hand Knits
Pygora Spinning Fiber
Hand Dyed Yarn
Handcrafted Journals
Herbal Tea/Tisanes & Accessories
Gourmet Mustard
Shrub Syrup Concentrates
Jams & Fruit Butters
Raw Local Honey
Jars & Bottles
Fresh Farm Eggs (Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose)
Meat Chickens
Meat Turkeys

to list a few…..

My days are long. My days are varied. Oftentimes what I think I’m doing today gets superceded for a completely different task. It’s all about juggling priorities and serving the animals and gardens. Things are crazy. Things get weird. They’re often dirty and sometimes downright disgusting. And, at the end of the day they’re rewarding, and satisfying, and beautiful.

Welcome to Cats Paw Farm…I hope you’ll pull up a chair and settle in to join us.